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Stomp Studios

We advise, design, and maintain bespoke mobile games, tailored to specific tourist attractions.

How does it work?

There are four steps to how the location-based games we design work for both the visitors playing the game and our clients.

Step 1

Visitors download the app onto their smartphones for free.

Step 2

Users explore the area, collecting tokens at waypoints in order to gain points and level-up. Questions can be added to provide an educational element.

Step 3

Users gain levels and earn both in-game and real world rewards.

Step 4

Users are encouraged to explore locations fully and make repeat visits, even bringing along their friends.

At Stomp Studios we specialise in helping clients to capitalise on the exciting opportunities that modern smartphone technology presents to the tourism industry.

Embrace the opportunities smartphones present



We advise clients on how a mobile game can help them to boost visitor satisfaction.


We design bespoke games specific to our client’s tourist attractions.


Once live, we run and maintain the game on an ongoing basis to ensure visitor engagement continues to be maximised.

Creating a mobile game for your visitors could open up a world of opportunities.


Visitor Satisfaction

Educate Visitors

Retain Members

Increase Appeal

Maximise Revenue

Reward Users

Previous Locations

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