Marshall head and speaker 60 Watts transistor: 110

Stomp Studios

Stomp Studios were fully equipped rehearsal studios for hire 2 minutes walk from Broadway Market,in Hackney - London. Good drums (no cymbals included), PA, 2 microphones, 2 good guitar amps and a bass amp in two sound proofed rehearsal rooms.
There was small storage space, free parking after 6.30, open 7 days a week and the studio was well connected by public transport. Demo recording - mixing - post production onto mbox2 and protools. We planned and built our rehearsal space, and we could soundproof and treat your own space to make it sound good.
Stomp Studios is not in business anymore. We quit due to a forward movement in our lives. We were stuck, in between enjoying a confort place and a greedy management that in a couple of years managed to increase our rent by 80%.
Stupid of us to get in the first place in business with that sort of people. Feel free to support us and navigate the website anyway, and check what Stomp Studios was. We won't be answering the phone anymore but will keep an eye on the email.

Stomp Studios Rehearsal
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